Advertising & Specialty Products

Morning Star represents many brands of unique, high quality and functional promotional products. These products, also known as advertising specialties, allow you to get your company’s message across on T-shirts, caps, pens, fine crystal, and many other fine products. The big advantage that promotional products have over other advertising media is that the recipient usually keeps the item and the advertiser then gets repeat exposure at no extra cost.

One of the most enduring tactics in the marketer’s bag is imprinting a logo or message on a promotional product. Promotional products are so common that even marketing pros often take them for granted.

The range of products that can be imprinted for promotional purposes seems infinite. Think of an item, and Morning Star can probably put your logo on it. The various uses for imprinted promotional products is almost as broad. They’re used as giveaways at trade shows and other events, on-pack and in-pack premiums, container premiums, mail-in premiums, door-openers, sales incentives, business gifts, contest prizes, direct-mail premiums, and awards.

Research findings demonstrate just how much of an impact and how effective promotional products can be to increase awareness, generate goodwill, improve sales leads, and increase business traffic.

Call Morning Star and make your next promotion have a lasting impression.