Visitor Guides & Chamber Directories

Visitor Guides are the perfect way to welcome new families and guests to your city. It informs the visitors and brings them up-to-date on current events and local information and gives them a listing of businesses in the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the guide gives current members an opportunity to advertise to potential new customers. Visitor guides are offered in a variety of sizes. Your custom designed guide can include a letter from the chairman or the mayor, the history of your community, historic landmarks, information on local education, community education and finance, business and economy, parks and recreation, community profile, health care, annual events, shopping and dining, clubs, organizations and churches just to name a few.

Business Directories are a novel way for residents in your community and visitors to learn about your chamber members. This directory gives the members an opportunity to tell their stories through advertising opportunities in the brochure. In the brochure, you can feature the chamber, the history of the community, a community profile, festivals and events, a letter from the city, economic development, the public schools, community education, and an alphabetical listing of the member business category.

Guides And Directories: Information And Timetable

  • You can choose from different sizes for your guide or directory. A popular size is 5.5” X 8.5”.
  • The chamber can dictate the design and layout of the guide and directory. You can custom design either one to meet your needs and marketing theme.
  • The chamber provides the information that is to be used in the brochures. MSPH takes care of the production
  • The chamber will be provided with a complete proof to review before the brochure is printed
  • MSPH can perform any or all of the processes it requires in order to put together one of these brochures. We take care of all ad sales which includes initial contact, ad production, and collections
  • We pay a royalty to the chamber on gross sales
  • The number of copies to be delivered to the chamber will be determined by the amount of revenue collected. A schedule of the number of copies in regards to the amount collected will be provided with the Publishers Agreement
  • The project usually takes three to five months from start to finish. If there is a need for a shorter time frame we will work with you to make it happen
  • A representative of MSPH will come to your community and sell the ads and gather the ad copy. This process can take approximately two to three weeks. The representative of MSPH will work out of the chamber office to receive and make calls while selling advertising.

Our goal at Morning Star Publishing House is to make this process as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

We not only want to produce a visitors guide or membership directory for you, we want to build a relationship with you and your chamber that will last for many years to come.