About Morning Star

Morning Star Publishing House, of Elgin, TX, started in 1978, producing directories, magazines and maps for chambers of commerce and trade associations. Curtis Courtney is the owner and founder of the company. He has worked with numerous chambers, businesses and organizations as well as a board member of a chamber for three years.

Curtis Courtney

Morning Star Publishing House was created to fill the need in medium to small community chambers when it comes to publishing, marketing and an understanding of print media.

Over the years, the company has worked closely with the staff of each chamber to get the most marketing out of their printed products whether it is a map, brochure, post card or directory. The company is also committed to building a mechanism to help generate needed funding for non-profit community building organizations and municipalities.

Since the inception of Morning Star, they have added various products to aide in the marketing of its clients. Those products include promotional products, custom wall and freestanding displays, cabinetry type products and various printed specialty items. All of these items are used to help disseminate information to your customer.

Today the company focuses on various products that feature stunning quality and sophisticated presentation. It is designed to be a valuable asset for people who need directions or information.